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Welsh Emotion Flash Cards

A set of 20 educational, welsh language, emotion flash cards that feature a range of beautifully illustrated characters by Claire Mabbett. 

A terrific visual aid for children who need a little more help discussing and conveying their feelings.

Size A6, printed on 400gsm silk card.

Emotions include:

1. hapus (happy)
2. trist (sad)
3. crac (angry)
4. wedi synnu (surprised/shocked)
5. ofnus (scared)
6. cyffrous (excited)
7. blinedig (tired)
8. pryderus (anxious/worried)
9. rhwystredig (furstrated)
10. dryslyd (confused)
11. swil (shy)
12. nerfus (nervous)
13. sâl (ill/sick)
14. unig (lonely)
15. balch (proud)
16. hyderus (confident)
17. diolchgar (grateful/thankful)
18. dewr (brave)
19. gwirion (silly/goofy)
20. cenfigennus (jealous)